The Madness of George III

Brighton Open Air Theatre (BOAT) - July 2023

King George III is unwell and parliament is in crisis. His behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic, with rumours circulating that he has even addressed an oak tree as the King of Prussia. Doctors are brought in with their bizarre and inhumane treatments as the pleasure-seeking Prince of Wales prepares to manoeuvre himself into power…

It is a spectacle of Kingship, a comedy of manners and an exploration of a man in mental crisis.

“I have always been myself even when I was ill. Only now I seem myself. That’s the important thing. I have remembered how to seem. What, what?”

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With dazzling performances from a 23-strong cast, sumptuous costumes and even a choir, The Madness of George III is brought exuberantly to Brighton Open Air Theatre by Sarah Mann Company. This exploration into a sovereign’s descent into mental illness . . . .
Lela Tredwell


Surely the Sarah Mann Company’s finest hour, overcoming the BOAT’s wondrous yet treacherous acoustics – and weather. Alan Bennet’s 1991 The Madness of George III is their most ambitious, most jaw-dropping production. This magnificent revival poses even more urgent questions. . . . .
Simon Jenner


Brighton Open Air Theatre on a balmy evening is one of the jewels in the city’s crown and that crown becomes further bejewelled when The Sarah Mann Company are in residence. . . . .
Andrew Kay


The Sarah Mann Company presents a new production and it all looks rather marvellous. The wardrobe’s delicious – mad wigs, some fabulous gowns and characterful touches, with a few ornate and elegant pieces of furniture easily moved about to set scene.. . . . .
Philippa Hammond

Sussex Playwrights

The Madness of George III : Some Photos

Full Cast List

The Madness of George III – Cast list

King George III – Nathan Ariss
Queen Charlotte – Sarah Mann
The Prince of Wales – Paddy Cooper
The Duke of York – Amelia Armande
Lady Pembroke/Margaret Nicholson – Pip Henderson
Dr Willis – Doug Devaney
Dr George Baker – Robert Cohen
Fox/Dr Lucas Pepys – Ross Gurney-Randall
Dr Richard Warren – Julian Parkin
Pitt – Josh Crisp
Fitzroy/Sir Boothby Skrymshir – Nick Bartlett
Sheridan/Braun – Jack Kristiansen
Greville – Andrew Crouch
Thurlow – Murray Simon
Dundas – Andrew Clover
Fortnum/Ramsden Skrymshir – Rachel Mullock
Papandiek – Luke Seymour
Maid/F.O.H. – Sue Burchett
Footmen – Matilda Mabbitt, Finlay Brookes, Noah Hamilton
Regent’s girls – Alice Hamilton & Maya Kihara
Directed by – Nick Bartlett, Sarah Mann
Choir members – Lindsey McKee, Alice Hamilton, Helen Lewis, Marion Tinkler, Yvonne Fair, Susan Fleet, Naomi Bates, Susan Purbrick, Christina Manchester, Liz Bradshaw, Jackie Maher, Jenny White, Sally Walker, Sue Burchett, Susan Jones, Jenny Davys, Ginny Greenwood, Fran Mortimer, Angie Dean, Samuel Cousins, Alan Baser, Nick Boston, Yohai Nezri, Paul Wylie, Chris Tippett, Chris Phipps, Steve Robertson, Brian Ogilvy, Dave Mantle, Ian Groves, Diane Pyle, Lyndsey McKee
Conductor – Simon Gray
Assistant director/ASM – Nadia Bartlett
Technical stage manager – Giles Wood
Costume, wigs and prop designer – Sean Chapman
Costume supervisor – Rach Mullock
Prop makers – Pip Henderson, Jack Kristiansen
Original photo – Sarah Mann
Photo design – Nathan Ariss
Poster, flyer, programme designer – Jim Stokes
Production photographer – James Weisz

Costumes from The National Theatre, Gladrags, Harveys of Hove
Restraining Chair from the original National Theatre production
With thanks to: Sian Webber, Nicki Stoddart at United Agents, Janette Eddisford, Dan Finlay, Vania & Saskia at Gladrags, Wayne and Lorna at Harveys of Hove, Simon Gray and members of the Community Choir, Joy & Sue at The Unemployed Families Centre, Andrew Kay and everyone at The Brighton Open Air Theatre.

THE MADNESS OF GEORGE III was first performed at the Royal National Theatre, London, on 28 November 1991
Copyright agency for works by Alan Bennett United Agents : Nicki Stoddart

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