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“I suddenly realised with absolute clarity that I was an alien”.

Broadway Baby Review // 10th May 2022

Peta Taylor and Paul Moriarty shone in their parts as Mother and Father. Their scene came as welcome comic relief to David’s dark opening narration. It was easy to forget their performance as a married couple was scripted, especially their squabble about whether it is tasteful to divulge burial costs to the audience, as it was so believable! Moriarty has such gravitas whilst storytelling that I found myself siding with him even when he recounted his immoral behaviour.

Val and Debbie were played excellently by Sarah Mann. She expertly captured the terrifying essence of condescending boss Val, delivering cutting remarks to David in a way that made me squirm with discomfort. When acting as Debbie, her blank facial expressions and great comedic timing shocked the audience and simultaneously had us in stitches. Mann’s counterpart Nathan Ariss, who played Paul and Duncan delivered his lines with conviction and truly embodied sleazeball Duncan: his body language and tone of voice oozing with corruption. ………… read more

Brighton Fringe Review // 13th May 2022

From the opening scene- starkly lit from the glare of a lap-top, with back projection- Jack Kristiansen gives a strong central portrayal of David and is totally immersed in the character-and his eloquent and opening scene sets the evening rolling at a fast pace-finely balancing pathos and humour to perfection. Here is an actor who has clearly conquered the plays tricky timeline.

Paul Moriarty and Peta Taylor are equally powerful as Jess’s mother and father- angrily taking out their revenge and destruction on a large statue overshadowing their daughter’s grave. Their scene has overtones of Pinter and Orton -played at such a cracking pace that the actors do unintentionally overlap-not a distraction -but uncertainty in these early performances will no doubt be finely tuned. ………… read more

Latest Review // 14th May 2022

This is a provocative play that is populated by a cast of really unpleasant characters, some have momentarily redeeming features but very few and even the voice of Nadine is tinged with a sense of taking pleasure in the answers to the questions that she asks again and again until her casual sexual conquest breaks down.

What really matters about this production is that it is ambitious, it challenges the company to bring their best to the stage – and they certainly do. There is not a weak link in this production and this cast and it delivers what is all to often missing in fringe productions – serious theatre. Serious theatre seriously well played.. ………… read more

David conducts an office romance by email. He has love at his fingertips but a shocking admission unravels his relationship.
Jess loves David and she believes that if she has a job and a house and the right shoes then happiness can be bought – but at what price?
A heart-wrenching black comedy which is set in a fractured and dysfunctional world of easy credit, bad debts and dark desires.
An examination of how love is destroyed by materialism…told backwards.

Dennis Kelly is an internationally acclaimed writer with his plays performed in over 30 countries. Plays include: Taking Care of Baby (Hampstead Theatre 2006), DNA (National Theatre 2008), The Gods Weep (Royal Shakespeare Co. 2010) and the book for Matilda the Musical. His recent 2021 British comedy-drama Together for BBC starred James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan.

Featuring Paul Moriarty from the original London cast!

Warning : contains explicit language and scenes of a shocking nature!!

Love and Money Cast List

David/5 – Jack Kristiansen
Father/Doctor/3 – Paul Moriarty
Mother/2 – Peta Taylor
Val/Debbie/4 – Sarah Mann
Paul/Duncan/1 – Nathan Ariss
Jess – Amy Kidd
Directed by Nick Bartlett
TSM – Apollo Videaux
Set & Costume Design – Sean Chapman
Poster/Flyer Design – Jim Stokes

The Lantern Theatre
Rock Place, Kemptown
Brighton, BN2 1PF
6 – 15 May 2021

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